Confirmation takes place in a special service with the Bishop of Lichfield, or one of his assistant bishops. It may be understood as a two-way confirmation:

  1. You publicly confirm your commitment as a follower of Jesus. For those who have been baptised as children, this can be seen as you confirming the promises made on your behalf by your parents and godparents.
  2. The Bishop and the church then pray for the Holy Spirit to confirm you in your faith, strengthening you and equipping you to live each day as a follower of Jesus.

If you have not already been baptised, you will need to be baptised before the Confirmation Service or as part of the Confirmation service.

How old do you have to be to be confirmed?

Traditionally Confirmation has been the point at which people start to receive Holy Communion. People should only consider Confirmation when they are ready to live out their faith publicly. The minimum age for people to be Confirmed at St Martin’s is twelve.

What preparation is there?

Those considering Confirmation usually undertake a course of preparation. If you are interested in Confirmation, the first step would be to talk with one of the clergy.