What is Start?

The Start! Course is a six week course exploring Christianity. If you have got questions, and are searching for answers then Start! is for you.

Each session (which lasts approximately 80 minutes) uses a mix of DVD input, time to chat, simple discussion activities and space for reflection. All in a style that is down to earth and honest, and also enjoyable!

Each session covers a different topic:

Session 1 Life is for living
Session 2 Oh my God!
Session 3 Jesus who?
Session 4 What’s gone wrong?
Session 5 Dying to save us
Session 6 Into the arms of love

Who Is Start! For?

Start! is for anyone who how has questions and wants to explore the Christian faith. It is ideal for:

– people exploring the Christian faith for the first time
– new Christians
– people wanting to look again at the basics of the Christian faith

The Start! Course assumes no previous knowledge of anything Christian.

What People Say About Start?

‘Start! encouraged me and my wife to read and understand the Bible. I have now been baptised and am part of the church family.’ (Robert, 38, Dundee)

‘Straight away Start! began to answer questions that I have been too shy to ask.’ (Bob, Nottingham)

‘Start! has given me confidence in my faith.’ (Mae, 70, Dundee)

How Much Does It Cost?

The Start! Course is free.

How To Sign Up For Start!

If you are interested in joining the Start! Course please contact us

Official Start! Website

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