In addition to the larger gathering on a Sunday we have smaller gatherings (home groups) that meet at various locations around the parish on a fortnightly basis.

Home groups provide a great place for people to get to know each other better, support one another and provide an opportunity to worship together, and study the Bible in a more informal and intimate setting.

Home groups are more than ‘Bible study groups’, they are a place where relationships are built, and where people can experience practical support and care, as we learn more about God and ourselves. 

If you have not yet joined one of the groups, then have a word with one of the ministers who will be more than happy to arrange things for you.

St Martin’s currently has five home groups:

Monday Day Time Group 1
Contact Stuart Smith on 01922 630636

Monday Day Group 2
Contact Jane Wharton on 01922 633261 or email

Tuesday Evening Group 1
Contact David Sharpe  via email

Tuesday Evening Group 2
Contact Lesley Bates on 01922 621164 or email or Diane Sainsbury on 01922 642282 or email

A home group for people of working age; currently meeting on Thursday evenings.  If you are interested in joining this group please contact Carl Whitford at