St Martin’s is a lively and vibrant community of Christians, from all walks of life, drawn together in love for Jesus, and a desire to serve him in the world.  St Martin’s is often described as being like a family, a place where each member, young or old, is loved and accepted unconditionally for who they are, and a place where people can experience the transforming power of God’s love.

If you are looking to connect life and faith, if you looking for a place to belong, and where you can ask questions and seek answers, then we hope St Martin’s is the church for you.

Our Values

  • We value the church as a space where real relationships between God and one another can take place.
  • We value and support each individual whatever their age, and the unique contribution they bring to the life of the church.  A Ministry Team exists to encourage and enable the gifts and ministry of every member of the church.
  • We value the teachings of Jesus Christ, and our love for him is the basis for working with the community and making our commitment to a fairer world.
  • We value and support Christian giving, and as a church give one tenth of our income away to local and international charities.