In June we looked at Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, and how there is a time for everything.

A Time for Everything

There is a right time for everything, and everything on earth will happen at the right time.

There is a time to be born
    and a time to die.
There is a time to plant
    and a time to pull up plants.
There is a time to kill
    and a time to heal.
There is a time to destroy
    and a time to build.
There is a time to cry
    and a time to laugh.
There is a time to be sad
    and a time to dance with joy.
There is a time to throw weapons down
    and a time to pick them up.[a]
There is a time to hug someone
    and a time to stop holding so tightly.
There is a time to look for something
    and a time to consider it lost.
There is a time to keep things
    and a time to throw things away.
There is a time to tear cloth
    and a time to sew it.
There is a time to be silent
    and a time to speak.
There is a time to love
    and a time to hate.
There is a time for war
    and a time for peace.

We started the session by miming activities, and thinking about when it would be the right time to do them, for example brushing our teeth whilst eating breakfast! Jenny then talked briefly about the Bible passage, before we went off to the bases.20160619_161214

Amongst the activities available was planting seeds, sewing, building models with Duplo, and choosing jokes to tell one another.

Because it was Father’s Day, we had a special treat for the dads.


We then did a crazy action song and dance called ‘I can run, I can dance’ (chicken dance song) – see one of Duggie Dug Dug’s other action songs below.

Click on the following link to download the Messy Church Take Home Sheet June 2016 with lots of creative activities for you to do at home with your family.

Date of our next Messy Church in the afternoon is on July 17th at 4pm. Please bring food for a picnic to share with others, we’re planning lots of fun outdoor games (weather permitting!)